Let's hangout, drink coffee, be weird, be friends.

Keep looking where the light pours in.
— morgan henry nicholas




My name is Amanda (Mandie). I am a photographer based in beautiful rainy Seattle. I love Jesus with my whole heart and strive to bring Him glory through all my work. I love adventure (duh) and I am beyond willing to travel. My best friend since I was 14 is now my husband and not a day goes by that I don't thank God for that. I'm a huge fan of all things photo, moose, John Mayer, rain, & Harry Potter. I love driving at night with the windows down and the heater on. Chic-fil-a sauce should be on everything and cuddling my sweet kitty, Luna, is my favorite part of the day.

 I live for the wind in your hair moments where you're consumed with that "this is it" happiness. All of life's mile markers are so important to me. I love how everyones mile markers are different. Some are quiet, some are loud, and I feel overwhelming lucky to be able to capture those moments for people. I would love to scale a mountain with you and your boo if that's your thing, but I'm also down to hang with you guys at home and capture all the quiet moments that sing loudest in your heart.   

I've been shooting wedding for 2 years now and families for 5. I've proudly been the one silently crying with my clients during their vows, first looks, births, prayers, etc. Nothing is more precious to me than getting a front row seat to the best moments in someones life. Life is crazy hard and I am the first one to admit it's not always picture perfect. That's why I choose to celebrate all the in-between moments along with the big. Let me help you celebrate yours.